Drake Concert Ticket


    Aubrey Drake Graham, also known as Drake, is a Canadian rapper, songwriter, singer, and actor. He started his music career by releasing his first mixtape named “Room for Improvement” in 2006. Drake is one of the most successful Hip-hop stars in the world nowadays.

    That is why managing the ticket to his concerts is like a war. Besides that, the price of Drake concert tickets is gradually increasing. This article will give you an idea about how much are Drake concert tickets. Definitely, it will be a proper concert ticket price guide for Drake fans.


    Drake Concert Tickets

    Drake has earned a prominent place in the rap scene and the heart of rap song fans of his talent. His every album, like Scorpion, Views, Nothing Was the Same, More Life, and so on, is famous worldwide.

    However, Drake does a lot of concerts every year, and a huge fanbase joins his concerts. Of huge demand, buying tickets for his show is very tough.

    Here the ticket prices are dependent on many factors like the city, venue, size of the venue, the date of concerts, etc. Most of the time, the tickets are sold-out very soon after the announcement.

    After that, you may arrange tickets, but the price will be much more than the original price.


    How Much Are Drake Concert Tickets?

    It is expected that the popularity of Drake has a great reflection on the price of these concert tickets. The average price of Drake concert tickets is $120 to $1500.

    Here, the venue has a huge impact on the price of tickets. A luxurious venue like Toyota Arena costs much more than the average venue. Actually, in a good venue, you will get different types of facilities which will give you a great concert experience.

    However, in Toyota Arena, the upper-level seat ticket will cost around $150 to $200, and the floor seat ticket will cost around $900 to $1000. Although, you will also get Drake concert tickets at a cheap rate around $110 to $140 in some places.

    Here, one piece of advice for you guys is to buy a ticket from the direct ticket seller, which means from the concert authorities. If you choose any middleman, you must pay more than the normal price.

    Drake Tour in 2022?

    Drake’s album named “Certified Lover Boy” had just been released in 2022. So Drake worked on a tour in 2022.

    There are 21 songs in his new album “Certified Lover Boy.” Among those, No friends in the industry, Fountains, Pipe down, N 2 Deep, Love all, Race my mind, are just awesome. Make sure you are there to enjoy all these hit songs. 

    We covered every update on this website about the Drake Tour 2022. Check this website (tickets.love) regularly for all the updates and the tickets at the best price.

    Is Drake going on tour in 2023?

    Canadian rapper Drake has announced the addition of 12 new dates to his upcoming "It's All A Blur" tour, which is set to take place in North America in 2023. The tour will feature 21 Savage as the opening act and is expected to be one of the biggest tours of the year.

    The new tour dates include shows in cities across the United States and Canada, including Memphis, Columbus, Milwaukee, and Toronto. Fans are particularly excited about the Toronto show, as it has sparked rumors that Drake's annual OVO Fest will make a comeback.

    Drake's "It's All A Blur" tour was initially set to start in Miami, Florida, in May 2023. However, the tour has been rescheduled, and the first show will now take place in Portland, Oregon in June 2023.

    With the addition of new tour dates and the possibility of the return of OVO Fest, Drake's tour is generating a lot of buzz and excitement among fans.

    How Much Are Drake VIP Tickets?

    There are different categories of VIP tickets for Drake. For instance, General VIP tickets, VIP packages, Front row packages, Fan packages, Hospitality packages, and many others like these in some concerts. These packages or tickets are mainly for having a premium experience.

    For this reason, the price is also significantly higher. Though different concerts vary the price of Darke VIP tickets, mostly it starts from $1000 to even $5000.


    In a Nutshell

    Canadian greatest rapper Drake’s concert is one of the most wanted wishes for rap lovers worldwide. A huge amount of people every year join his concerts. However, for this huge demand, people have to pay much more compared to the other concerts.

    However, there are fraud ticket sellers to sell tickets at a much higher price than the general price. That’s why it’s better to know how much are Drake concert tickets before you buy them. We hope after reading this article, all the confusion regarding these issues is cleared.


    FAQ on How Much Are Drake Concert Tickets

    People have many frequently asked questions regarding this topic. Find all the needed information in this FAQ part:

    How Long is a Drake Concert?

    According to the artists, opening acts, encore, etc., we all know that most concerts last 2 to 3 hours. However, we have noticed big differences here in Drake’s concerts. Drake’s concerts last 1.5 hours, referring to the last few concerts.

    How Do You Get Front Row at a Concert?

    Front-row seats are very limited. In that case, you have only a few options. Try to buy tickets from the pre-sale. In the pre-sale period, you will easily get a few tickets for the front row. Another option is the VIP package. In VIP packages, you will get a chance to enjoy the concert from the front row, but you have to spend much more than the general tickets.

    Does Drake Do Meet and Greet?

    There are some meet-and-greet packages of Drake concerts where Drake meets with his fans. VIP passes, meet and greet tickets, meet and greet passes, and backstage passes are mainly these kinds of packages where you can get a chance to meet with Drake, but it will cost very high almost VIP tickets.

    What is The Most Expensive Concert Ticket Ever?

    The most expensive ticket for a concert was sold in 2007. It was the concert of Led Zeppelin, which is a rock band. That ticket was sold for 83000 pounds which is equal to more than $100000 US Dollars.

    What Concert Has The Largest Crowd?

    The music king, Rod Stewart, has the world record for having the largest crowd in a concert. It was 1994 when the British rock and pop singer, songwriter, and producer Sir Roderick David Stewart CBE performed on Copacabana Beach when 3.5 million people were gathered to enjoy the show.